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5 Questions With Our Millionaire Maker Winner, Gary Brooks!

Jun 8 2017

With only a few days left before BBO takes on Las Vegas, we wanted to introduce you to Gary Brooks, our Millionaire Maker contest winner! What will Gary do if he wins all of that moolah? What are his Las Vegas essentials? Read below to find out...

BBO: What would you do with all that $$$$$$?
Gary: Be debt free! Put money away for my two girls, and play more WSOP events!

BBO: What do you like most about where you live?
Gary: Indiana University! Family and friends. I really hate the weather though.

BBO: What are the top 3 things you pack for Vegas
Gary: Sponsors gear, CA$H, and an iPad.

BBO: What is the craziest thing you've heard at a poker table?
Gary: Cris Moneymaker calling me by my nickname (Sweet-ass!) at the Hollywood in Columbus during a tournament..

BBO: What is your favorite movie that takes place in Vegas?
Gary: Vegas Vacation!

BBO Poker Tables acquires Pro Caliber Poker Tables - May 31th, 2017

May 31 2017

BBO Poker Tables has recently acquired Pro Caliber Poker Tables, a custom poker table manufacturer based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Pro Caliber Poker Tables CEO Chip Gray will join BBO Poker Tables to head up our marketing department . Chip will bring 8 years of industry experience and product knowledge to this position, along with an extensive network of professional poker players, poker celebrities and industry influencers from all across the U.S. To reach Chip directly, please email or call us at (877) 841 9301.

The GSW Warriors Community Foundation Charity Poker Event - Jan 14th, 2017

Jan 24 2017

On Jan 14th, 2017 the Golden State Warriors and the GSW Warriors Community Foundation hosted the 4th annual GSW Charity Poker Tournament, raising money to support education and youth development to promote thriving students, schools and communities. The glamourous event featured was presented by Joe Lacob, Nicole Curran, Chamath Palihapitiya, Bridgette Lau and hosted by 14 time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, and was held at the St. Regis in downtown San Francisco.

The unique format of the event saw the Golden State Warriors players spread out amongst the poker players, each with a bounty on their seats. Knock out a player, you get his signed jersey on the spot. This unique experience made each table much more exciting with beginners and seasoned poker players gunning for the player sitting at their table.

In 2016, the tournament and live auction raised over a million dollars for the low income youth in the surrounding Oakland Bay Area, and this year’s event did not fail to impress. BBO Poker Tables was lucky enough to be a sponsor and prize partner for the event, with the winner choosing a custom BBO Elite Poker Table which was signed by the Warriors players. The poker logistics of the event was handled by Blue Dog Events, a premier charity poker operator in Northern California.

A "Thank You" Letter From The Founder Guy!

Dec 29 2016

Thank you for being a part of the BBO family! As a customer, fan, or even just a casual observer of BBO Poker Tables in 2016, I’d like to take a moment out to thank you for being part of our company journey. I hope we were able to play a small part in bringing your family and friends together for some quality time, hopefully around one of our tables.

2016 was a memorable year for BBO filled with exciting events and many new opportunities. For example, in Q2, we launched our first ever game table (with drawers) The Levity, and during the holidays our highly anticipated LED round poker table, The Ginza, named after the bright and beautiful high end business district in Tokyo.

Our hard working brand with the motto, “Poker for the People” also got a little bit of fun media coverage when we were featured on the Showcase Showdown for "The Price Is Right" TV show not once, but twice in one year; and our office was buzzing when our Villain themed poker table went slightly viral and racked up over 839K views and nearly 4K shares in the span of a couple weeks.

To let you in on a secret, I’m personally super excited for 2017, because we ended the year working on a transformative charitable poker initiative with 2006 WSOP winner and philanthropist Jamie Gold, which I’m sure many of you will hear about very soon. So as the year draws to a close, and we all take a moment to reflect on the past 365 days and perhaps make resolution for upcoming year, I hope our hard working group of guys and gals at BBO were able to help bring a little fun into your life. Peace and prosperity to you, my friend. George Chao Founder Guy BBO Poker Tables

Tis' The Season...For Epic Game Nights!

Dec 2 2016

The holidays are officially in full swing here at BBO! For those of you that went BBO on Black Friday, this holiday season is sure to be filled with a whole lot of fun and games. We would like to take a moment and say “thank you” for being the best customers on the planet! We don’t know what we would do without you! Here is a little behind-the-scenes of what is going on at BBO - we are working very hard to get your orders out!

Our Custom Graphics Lab team is busy getting those awesome graphics printed and sent to our dye sublimation machine. Full steam ahead to our Workshop of Wonders crew!

Give it up for our Workshop of Wonders crew! It takes a LOT of muscle to stretch that exotic vinyl and make sure that it fits like a glove! We truly take pride in our hand-finished process here at BBO.

Your orders, packed and ready to go! There you have it, a little #BTS of what is going on here at BBO! We truly hope that you enjoy your BBO game table as much as we did building it - here’s to many, many years of epic game nights! Happy Holidays! The BBO family :)

A Killer Combination!

Nov 17 2016

What do you do when you need a poker table yesterday but still want a killer custom design? At BBO, we’ve got you covered. Our iShowroom page is chock full of ready-to-go goodies! Everything on our iShowroom page ships within 24 hours, so if time is an issue, it is definitely the way to go. We try to keep at least one of every model in the iShowroom at any given time so that when you are in a pinch, you’ll be able to find exactly what you want with one click of the mouse.

This week we’re featuring a few new iShowroom bundles that are ready to ship! In recent weeks we’ve put in hours of extra work to create brand new graphic designs that pair specifically with our hand-printed chips. The best news? These iShowroom bundles are being offered at a special sale price - meaning that not only do you get a one-of-a-kind design AND matching chips, but you’ll also get one helluva deal!

If eye-catching designs are your thing, then keep your eyes peeled! We’re rolling out these limited edition iShowroom designs and many, many more in the coming months. We just hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!

iiiiiiiiit’s tiiiiiiiime… to BBO!

Nov 4 2016

iiiiiiiiit’s tiiiiiiiime… to BBO! Here at BBO we recently had the utmost pleasure of working with the amazing Bruce Buffer! Just in case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere in no man's land with no internet or cable… let us introduce you!

Bruce Buffer is the official octagon announcer for the UFC, and is known as the “Veteran Voice of the Octagon”. Half brother of the also well known “Let’s Get Ready to RUUUUMMMBBBLLLEEE” American ring announcer for boxing and professional wrestling matches. UFC has become the fastest growing sport in the world and one of the most valuable sports franchises in history. The UFC’s popularity grew very quickly, and mostly as a direct result of the creation of star fighters and some of the greatest rivalries in the history of fighting! UFC provides the thrills that keep on giving and Bruce is there for every fight, in every country, bringing us nothing but the best with his distinct voice and cool laid back personality!

Back to the magical happenings here at BBO. Now as you can see, Bruce Buffer loves poker! (He has the poker face down… would you call his bluff?) So obviously we were thrilled to get the opportunity to work with him. Bruce Buffer went through the poker table customization process over the phone so he could get a feel for what it’s like when our customers call in an order a table with us. Naturally.. We killed it. He had nothing but praise for our team here at BBO.. were you expecting anything less!?

Bruce is loving his table! He also ordered chairs through us at the same time to compliment his table. His custom table fits perfectly in his game room and is exactly what he was looking for. Our Custom Graphics Lab team was able to incorporate a really cool silhouette of Bruce in action for the center of his table. The whole process was really smooth and easy so smooth and easy that he’s even shouted us out on his podcast a few times.

You can check out his podcast anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts at! He’s had a variety of awesome guests on his show, I mean who doesn’t love Jean-Claude Van Damme!? Check him out “It’s Time with Bruce Buffer”

Engineered Plastic, It’s Fantastic!

Jul 28 2016

A lot of you may be wondering why one would voluntarily shell out a whole $300-$350 more for one of our engineered vinyl armrests - well, wonder no more. Think of this as your crash course in customization. Pour yourself a drink, get comfortable, and let’s talk vinyl!

  • Fake It - a lot of people ask us why we don’t upholster our tables in leather. Well, we don’t know about you, but here in California our cows are happy and we like to keep it that way. We like to get that luxurious leather look, minus the cruelty, with our exotic vinyls. You’re sure to get the warm fuzzies when you think about all of the furry friends you’re helping out by not choosing leather.
  • So Fresh & So Clean - it’s all fun and games until someone spills the beer. In our experience, vinyl is simply easier to wipe clean than leather. Easy, breezy!
  • Don’t settle for a GED (Good Enough Design) - there is nothing worse than wondering what could have been. We see so many amazing tables come out of our Workshop of Wonders, and there is nothing worse than seeing a mind blowing design that is missing that final vinyl touch. Don’t settle for a GED, or, Good Enough Design. Sure, our Skull template would look good with the standard black vinyl...but adding the dangerously glossy black snakeskin armrest might push it from just “good enough” to full on badass!

    Have your eye on that Zombie template? A fresh blood colored vinyl would look KILLER (I know, we’re so punny!) with that!

    At BBO, we love to see customers who aren’t afraid to get creative and truly make a table their own! When in doubt, give us a call or get onto chat, we can answer any additional questions that you might have. Want to see a specific engineered vinyl armrest swatch in person? We will happily send you a swatch or two, as long as you ask nicely!

  • This Is A Game-Changer...Literally.

    Jul 21 2016

    You may know BBO as the authority in the poker business - but get ready, because all that is about to change! For months we have been masterminding a game plan (no pun intended!) to take over the gamerverse by creating a game table worthy of the BBO name. We didn’t take this challenge lightly; it took us months of endless testing and hours of intense gaming to perfect the Levity Game Table for you guys. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it! Drum roll please...introducing the Levity Game Table!

    The Levity can be customized for the game of your choice - from dominos to mahjong, you have the ability to design your perfect game table, all with a few clicks of the mouse.

    As with most of our tables, the Levity Game Table also leads a double life as a dining table...

    So there you have it. Don't be basic. Get a table that does both. Learn more and configure your own Levity Game Table, your family and friends will thank you!

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