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Although versions of poker have been around for centuries, 1960s Las Vegas is credited with launching Texas Holdem’s wider popularity. Colorful characters like Amarillo Slim, Crandell Addington, and Doyle Brunson won and lost huge fortunes. Fast forward 50 years and Texas Holdem is America’s number one poker variation. “The flop,” “the turn,” “fourth street” and “the river” are no longer insider terminology known by just a few rascals in Vegas. Now, you and your own group of rascals are in on the fun at home.

Texas Holdem is played on all kinds of poker tables, man cave tables,
dining tables… you name it. But what makes for a classic Texas Holdem poker table?
According to 2006 World Series Of Poker Main Event winner Jamie Gold, “Besides the obvious, stability and premium materials like the quality of foam and armrest materials, a standout Holdem table often has a betting line and dealer position to add a true casino feel. Modern Holdem tables take into account technology and next generation tables include USB chargers and automatic shufflers. And for players that like the finer things, they can opt for customized armrest materials and custom layouts. ”
jamie gold photo
It all depends on what you want and, just like poker, how far you’re prepared to take it. BBO makes just about every style and you can mix and match features, like cup holders, types of vinyl, playing surface, graphics, folding leg or not. All of BBO’s tables come in both a “Classic” configuration and are completely customizable.

For some insight on what makes a great Texas Holdem Poker Table, I turned to Chip Gray, Sales Manager at BBO Poker Tables. Chip is an avid card player and has worked with some of the world’s top poker players, card clubs and casinos to configure their tables.
Chip says, “The size of the table is one of the most important considerations. To comfortably seat 8 to 9 players you would want a 4 x 8 ft. table. If you have fewer layers, around 6 to 8 - a round table is a good option. It is also easier to pass the deck and pitch cards.”
“A nice playing surface made of a professional quality felt is very important. Make sure it is waterproof and stain resistant, just in case your game gets a little rowdy. On that note, cup holders are a must. 4 inch cup holders will fit large glasses, bottles and even most wine glasses.”
“A racetrack is a personal preference, but some people like To have the wood track to stack their chips on. While other people prefer more felt. Most casinos have full felt tables with no race track.”
“A padded armrest is one of the most important features for comfort. Many older tables did not have this. You want people who are playing for long periods to be active and comfortable at a game.”
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Texas Holdem Designs
Available Via Table Customization
Texas Holdem Designs 1
Texas Holdem Designs 2
Texas Holdem Designs 3
Texas Holdem Designs 4
Texas Holdem Designs 5
So, To Re-Cap…
  • Generally a large oval, but not necessarily
  • Consider typical number of players and table size
  • needed and space available
  • Here’s a little more about table shape
  • Start here with the basic table selection
  • Then, it’s on to customization for the table model you select.
    Here, you’ll be able to modify:
  • Dealer cut out
  • Depends on how you run your game… one dealer or rotating dealers.
  • If so, dealer cut out, drop box and chip rack are options.
  • Playing surface
  • Graphic design
  • Armrests, race track & cup holders
  • High Tech
  • LEDs
  • USB Chargers
  • Automatic shuffler
  • Don’t forget chairs & dining top
  • Nothing ruins the look of a great table than a bunch of mismatched chairs