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How to choose a poker table playing surface

Ok, you've done your research, measured your room and have finally settled on the table style that fits you best. Now you're left with a subtle but very important decision on your table's playing surface. There is obviously the color choices but more importantly, what material are you going to be doing battle on night in and night out? We'll break down your choices to help you make the best decision.

Standard Felt (Velveteen or Micro Suede)

micro suede playing surface

A standard velveteen or micro suede playing surface is always included with your table. These materials will get the job done but leave room for improvement in some areas according to avid players. While the fibers of both the velveteen and micro suede are very short and won't pill, if you're using a dirty deck of cards or have an inexperienced dealer, you may find the cards not sliding to each player as well as some would like. A small issue if you are passing the dealer position around the table and get stuck on the long end of the table having to deal to the other end. Keep in mind we're nitpicking here but another "drawback" to any standard felt material is the risk of damage, whether it be due to a drink spilling or durability from hours of use. Being a soft plush material, it is not going to be water resistant at all and will soak up liquids that spill onto it and stain. We always recommend scotch guarding your playing surface with any water repellent spray to at least allow yourself more time to run and grab a towel in times of accidental spillage. Now if any of these ticky tack points worry you, you'll be interested in the next playing surface material we discuss.

Suited Speed Cloth

suited speed cloth

This is the hardcore poker player's playing surface of choice. Crafted from a polyester, this material has a few unique attributes that make it a popular upgrade. You of course have checkered pattern card suit design but it's called speed cloth for a reason. Cards slide across eight foot long tables with ease on this material with very little effort or even dealing technique. Players sitting at the rounded ends of the larger oval tables will appreciate this for sure. Perhaps the best feature suited speed cloth offers is the water resistant properties. Any spilled drinks on this material will provide you added time to clean it up before it begins to do damage to your table. A very nice feature considering there is always that guy who just can't seem to keep his drink upright. If the standard felt and suited speed cloth still just doesn't do it for you and are looking for something more unique and eye catching, it's time to discuss the top of the line stuff.

Custom Graphics

poker table custom graphics

There is no better way to personalize your table than with a custom graphics playing surface. Use your name, family crest, favorite quote or luck hand to make sure that as soon as a player sits down at your table, they know who's house it really is. These custom graphics aren't screen prints or iron ons either. True custom graphic playing surfaces are printed using the dye sublimation technique which uses a special (and very expensive) printer that infuses the ink into the playing surface material which allows for extreme detail, vibrant colors and a long lifespan. The graphics can either be printed on a casino grade gaming suede if you like something more plush or they can be printed on the aforementioned speed cloth. Don't worry if you're not the creative type and have trouble even drawing stick figures, our Art Institute graduate designer will do the heavy lifting for you after a quick consultation. Plus you have the benefit of modifying the design as much as you like, we won't print it you tell us to so you'll know exactly what you're getting in the final product. For more details on custom graphics, check our the graphics lab.

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