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July 11, 2011

Custom Poker Table Dog - Big Red

The BBO Poker Tables back story has many memorable moments, but one of the the best deals in company history has to be the day we negotiated for the company mascot, Big Red. We first found Big Red in Vallejo, California in 2007 when his previous owner was looking to sell his one and a half year old Bull Terrier. At the time, BBO Poker Tables was still a very small, local poker table company, and we were looking for a mascot to secure our premises, or at the least, sleep all day and occasionally greet customers. Big Red seemed to fit what we were looking for, so we hopped in the car to go meet the monster, little did we know what we were up against. Upon arriving at the residence, we were greeted and lead to the back yard to meet Big Red. As we passed the gate, I noticed that this was less a back yard, as much as it was part auto wrecking yard, and half forest. There were at least 3 abandoned and rusted car frames, with 2 foot weeds growing about, but no dog to be found. Vince, the owner, told me to stay put while he went to go untie Big Red. Suddenly, there was a bit of uncertainty in the air... Next thing I know, I see a brown Bull Terrier fly out of a bush, sprint across the yard past me jump vertically into the air, and nose dives into a stacked pile of used car tires - face first! He then proceeded to run into me, knock a few tools over, and rock a healthy number 1 next to the junker in the back yard. "I like this guy, I’ll take him." I immediately said. Any dog that will nosedive through a tire stack without hesitation is my type of dog. As for compensation, the owner wanted a few hundred dollars for Big Red, but in our chats, he told me that he was a avid card player, which could not have worked out any better. Instead of cash, we were able to acquire our new mascot by setting Vince up with a complete BBO Poker Tables setup. A win win in this situation. If any of you are wondering what the mascot looks like... BBO  Poker Tables Mascot - Big Red


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