How long does it take for my table to ship?

Did you know, all BBO Poker Tables are hand finished in California?
By hand finishing all orders in the USA, we guarantee a quality product while creating jobs here in California. Each order is configured according to the customer specs, and we are very efficient at what we do. However, there will be times during the year where we sell A LOT of poker tables, at which time it may take a day or two longer than normal. On average, your order will take anywhere from 5 to 7 business days for a standard order to ship, and full customs take about 2 weeks (of course it depends on how quickly you approve your design).
Standard Table
Velveteen and Suited Speed Cloth
Standard (classic) tables ship out between 1-3 days (not counting the delivery time). But during peak season (Oct-Dec) add in a few extra days.
Customization Required
Vinyl Upgrades, Chip Tray Delete, Other Custom Projects:
If we need to significantly customize your order, expect 14 days for your order to ship. We want to make sure that your custom project is finished properly and not rushed. But during peak season (Oct-Dec) add in a few extra days.
Custom Graphics (7 days AFTER graphic approval has been made)
If you are creating a custom graphic with our graphic designer, calculate in about 14 days for your project to ship.
The majority of the lead time will be you working with our graphics designer to ensure that your design is approved by you. Once you are happy with your design, the table only takes about 48 - 72 hours to finish, but in our experience plan for about 14 days for a custom project to properly finish. But during peak season (Oct-Dec) add in a few extra days.
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