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The BBO Poker Tables Story starts in 2006, during the historic poker boom of the mid 2000’s.
Founder and CEO, George Chao was looking around for a poker table when he realized that there were no sturdy, quality poker tables at a reasonable price on the market. All poker tables at the time were in 2 camps, extremely cheap and poorly made imports or nosebleed, one off custom piece that were often priced into the 5 figures.
It was out of that frustrating experience and obvious gap in the market, Big Blind Online (BBO) was born! Here are some of the highlights as BBO grew from the flea market to an industry leader.


At the height of the poker boom, George Chao founded Big Blind Online as an e-commerce business selling poker chips and accessories to friends, family and poker enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay Area. On weekends you could find him sharing the game with others at the San Jose flea market.


The obvious gap in nice yet affordable poker tables was a market opportunity that George set out to solve. Later that year, Big Blind Online (BBO) launched the Gen II line of poker tables which featured some unprecedented features and materials designs which brought a quality poker table to the public at a fair price. The first ever BBO mission was “Poker for the People”


Annoyed from people constantly calling in from web directories inquiring about window treatments, George changed the name of the company from Big Blind Online to BBO Poker Tables. Calls about windows ceased immediately. In the same year, BBO also unveiled a solid wood premium furniture line with matching dining tops, which offered a high quality, dual use piece of gaming furniture, which was timely during the market crash of 2008 when many were downsizing their living spaces.


BBO develops “Graphics Lab” the first brand on the market to offer graphic templates and custom layouts to customers. The goal was to allow customers to show off their personality on their tables! The poker public embraces the concept. To date, this is a minimum cost of entry for poker table brands, pioneered by BBO.


BBO is featured on the Price is Right’s Showcase Showdown…Come on Down!


Our Premier poker table makes a nice cameo in the movie Focus, featuring Will Smith. The same year BBO Poker Tables is name the official poker table brand of the WPT, providing the winning table for the WPT Tournament of Champions winner. BBO is also part of the Golden State Warriors Charity Community Fund Charity Poker Tournament, which raises over 1.5M in one evening of poker with GSW players.


We continue to innovate and launch LED lighting and USB integrations into our tables, along side customizable premium armrest fabrics to bring the most personalizable premium poker tables to the market. BBO is the official provider for the poker fundraiser of the Superbowl in Houston


BBO continues innovating with a focus on customer experience, George begins developing a Blockchain enabled track and trace solution Copperwire Track and Trace to solve a very frustrating customer pain point of freight damages. This unprecedented solution built on the latest technology is not only unique to the poker industry, but freight shipping as a whole. BBO is committed to offering a seamless experience to our customers, even if we need to create a completely new solution.


BBO launches the board game table brand Game Theory Tables to provide more unforgettable memories for friends and families. The blockchain backed freight protection system is launched, exclusive for BBO customers.

The story of BBO is one of innovation and constant evolution, join us as we continue to make gorgeous and breathtaking products and find new ways to delight our customers and fans!