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Casino Gaming Tables

BBO Poker Tables manufacturers casino grade Baccarat, Blackjack, 3 Card Poker, and other table games for the casino floor. Our casino series tables are highly durable, fully serviceable and include built in features like electrical cabinets and wire runs that hide your wiring. Our tables are compatible with ShuffleMaster machines and most gaming hardware.

We can customize one unit or an entire gaming floor for your casino and our graphic design department will make sure that your layouts are stunning and inviting for your guests. Contact us today for more details about customizing your casino game tables.

Casino Table Features

Hidden Wiring

Our Casino product lines feature electrical cabinets and wiring runs in the pedestal base. This allows casino operators to hide unsightly electrical wires and creates a clean gaming floor.

Heavy Duty Construction

All casino grade products are made with professional materials and construction, which results in a sturdy game table with minimal sway or give. Casino products also feature a removable armrest rail for quick access when you need to upgrade or exchange an layout, or fix torn armrests.

Custom Layouts

Dye Sublimation Layouts

Our highly skilled design department can create game layouts according to your specs and add a design flare that will make customers remember your casino. Designs can be exclusive to your project for future orders.

Our layouts are printed on state-of-the-art dye sublimation printers on professional gaming suede, resulting in dynamic, sharp and colorful graphic layouts.

Folding Leg Poker Tables for Home and Tournament Use
  • The Ultimate Poker Table Jr

    Ultimate Poker Table MSRP $579 Free S&H

    The most versatile folding poker table on the market! Completely customizable, the UPT features a removable playing surface, steel welded frame and heavy duty armrest. Fully upgradable, you can upgrade the playing surface fabric yourself, or have us come up with a sweet custom graphic for your UPT. The possibilities are truly endless.

  • V5 Series Specialized Professional Poker Table

    V5 Series Professional MSRP $549 Free S&H

    The dealers choice! The V5 table is an affordable, casino grade professional poker table that\'s as comfortable as the backbone of a large tournament or an intimate home game. Full size 9 player + dealer design, the V5 Series features an exclusive "Offset" cup holder design to ensure you play cards, and not your cup holder.

  • Ultimate Poker Table

    Ultimate Poker Table Jr MSRP $499 Free S&H

    An 82" version of our best selling "Ultimate Poker Table", the UPT Jr. is set up for 8 players and smaller spaces. A removable playing surface makes for easy upgrading of the surface materials and a metal frame make this table not only super versatile, but a workhorse of a table.