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The Franklin

$14,995 Table + $3,995* Matching Dining Top
Starting at $1396/mo with
Flying first class, dining at a 3-star Michelin restaurant, staying in the master suite-we always remember sharing those elite experiences. That's why we're proud to introduce the Franklin, the most sophisticated poker table we've ever built.
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Designed for high-end spaces at home or in the office, the Franklin makes an immediate impression. From the intricate stitching on the leather armrests to the startburst pattern on the mahogany race-track, from the stainless steel hideaway cupholders right down to the pedestal legs made out of solid cherry-the franklin combines the finest materials with a classic design.
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But we didn't stop there. To take the quality to the next level, we partnered with the Geobel Furniture Company in St. Louis. These renown woodworking artisans designed a matching mahogany dining top that transforms the franklin into an elegant table for the home or the boardroom.
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Beauty and craftsmanship make a difference. You and your friends will feel that difference everytime-whether you're sitting down to play a game of poker, share a meal, or celebrate a success.

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That difference extends into the sales experience as well. Customize the Franklin to enhance your space by choosing the wood stain, armrest color, playing surfaceoptions, and more. Our team members guarantee you get the table you want.

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Getting together with friends and family, bonding with coworkers, celebrating a milestone-we build our lives around these moments, and sometimes forget that the moments themselves are built around an activity. That's why we say our mission is to "inspire people" and "spark connections," a mission we fulfill by building game tables where people gather, play and make memories that last a lifetime.

Fully customizable color, vinyl color and choice of playing surface materials and designs.
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  1. Length – 91.5 inches
  2. Width – 44 inches
  3. Height – 30 inches
  4. 10 Player Positions
  5. Wood Species: Cherry (solid wood)
  6. Table Top Weight: 90lbs
  7. Pedestal Legs Weight: 110lbs
  8. Armrest: 100% premium vinyl (animal free)
  9. Optional Matching Dining Top Available, Custom Sizing Available
  10. 100% Made in the USA
  11. Production Lead Time: 4-6 weeks
  12. Assembly Time: 10 mins (8 Bolts + 4 Screws)

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  1. Table Color can be customized
  2. Armrest color can be customized
  3. Also can customize dining top length and width (+$750)
  1. Dining Top Upgrade: Y/N
  2. Playing surface: Vegan leather, dynamic gaming suede, suited speed cloth
  3. Player Positions Optional (8 or 10)