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Engineered Plastic, It’s Fantastic!

Jul 28 2016

A lot of you may be wondering why one would voluntarily shell out a whole $300-$350 more for one of our engineered vinyl armrests - well, wonder no more. Think of this as your crash course in customization. Pour yourself a drink, get comfortable, and let’s talk vinyl!

  • Fake It - a lot of people ask us why we don’t upholster our tables in leather. Well, we don’t know about you, but here in California our cows are happy and we like to keep it that way. We like to get that luxurious leather look, minus the cruelty, with our exotic vinyls. You’re sure to get the warm fuzzies when you think about all of the furry friends you’re helping out by not choosing leather.
  • So Fresh & So Clean - it’s all fun and games until someone spills the beer. In our experience, vinyl is simply easier to wipe clean than leather. Easy, breezy!
  • Don’t settle for a GED (Good Enough Design) - there is nothing worse than wondering what could have been. We see so many amazing tables come out of our Workshop of Wonders, and there is nothing worse than seeing a mind blowing design that is missing that final vinyl touch. Don’t settle for a GED, or, Good Enough Design. Sure, our Skull template would look good with the standard black vinyl...but adding the dangerously glossy black snakeskin armrest might push it from just “good enough” to full on badass!

    Have your eye on that Zombie template? A fresh blood colored vinyl would look KILLER (I know, we’re so punny!) with that!

    At BBO, we love to see customers who aren’t afraid to get creative and truly make a table their own! When in doubt, give us a call or get onto chat, we can answer any additional questions that you might have. Want to see a specific engineered vinyl armrest swatch in person? We will happily send you a swatch or two, as long as you ask nicely!

  • This Is A Game-Changer...Literally.

    Jul 21 2016

    You may know BBO as the authority in the poker business - but get ready, because all that is about to change! For months we have been masterminding a game plan (no pun intended!) to take over the gamerverse by creating a game table worthy of the BBO name. We didn’t take this challenge lightly; it took us months of endless testing and hours of intense gaming to perfect the Levity Game Table for you guys. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it! Drum roll please...introducing the Levity Game Table!

    The Levity can be customized for the game of your choice - from dominos to mahjong, you have the ability to design your perfect game table, all with a few clicks of the mouse.

    As with most of our tables, the Levity Game Table also leads a double life as a dining table...

    So there you have it. Don't be basic. Get a table that does both. Learn more and configure your own Levity Game Table, your family and friends will thank you!

    BBO Poker Tables, Come On Down!

    Jun 30 2016

    Best game table in town? Come on down! If you’re a fan of the hit TV game show, “The Price is Right”, you may have spotted our pretty little Helmsley game and dining table making its television debut on 3/30/16.

    That’s right, our Helmsley is officially a star! Don’t worry though, you can still get all that star quality minus the high maintenance Hollywood attitude here at BBO. So there you have it, just one more reason to love our Helmsley!

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