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X2 Mini Game Table

A premium dining/gaming table that's just the right size

$1499.00 Free Shipping


X2 Mini Game Table

A premium dining/gaming table that's just the right size

$1499.00 Free Shipping

Build Your Own X2 Mini Game Table
Playing Surface

Velveteen Fabric

Blue Velveteen Finish - Free Red Velveteen Finish - Free Green Velveteen Finish - Free Black Velveteen Finish - Free

Suited Speed Cloth $69.00

Blue/Blue Suited Speed Cloth +$69 Red/Red Suited Speed Cloth +$69 Black/Black Suited Speed Cloth +$69 Green Suited Speed Cloth +$69 Two tone green suited speed upgrade +$69 Raspberry Suited Speed Cloth +$69 Coffee Suited Speed Cloth +$69 Silver Suited Speed Cloth +$69 Blueberry Suited Speed Cloth +$69

Full Custom $320.00

Full Custom

Templates $169.00

Full Pattern Layout FP20 Designed Print DP46 Full Pattern Layout FP5 Full Pattern Layout FP19 Full Pattern Layout FP18 Full Pattern Layout FP21-1 Full Pattern Layout FP30 Designed Print DP45 Designed Print 44 Full Pattern No Betting Line 17 Designed Print 35 Full Pattern Layout FP40 Designed Print 38 Full Pattern Layout FP31 Designed Print 39 Designed Print 40 Designed Print 41 Full Pattern Layout FP32 Full Pattern Layout FP21 Designed Print 42 Designed Print 43 Designed Layou DP35 Designed Layout DP34 Full Pattern Layout FP17 Full Pattern Layout FP16 Designed Layout DP33 Design Layout DP 32 Full Pattern Layout FP15 Design Layout DP31 Full Pattern Layout FP14 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 15 Antique World Traveler Game Table Layout World Traveler Game Table Layout - GT4 War Chest Game Table Layout - GT2 Pirate Attack Game Table Layout - GT3 Galaxy Wars Game Table Layout - GT1 Design Layout DP30 Design Layout DP29 Design Layout DP28 Full Pattern No Betting Line FPNBL18 Design Layout DP26 Design Layout DP25 Design Layout DP24 Design Layout DP23 Design Layout DP22 Design Layout DP21 Design Layout DP20 Design Layout DP19 Design Layout DP18 Design Layout DP17 Design Layout DP16 Design Layout DP15 Design Layout DP14 Full Pattern Layout FP13 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 14 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 13 Full Pattern Layout FP12 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 12 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 11 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 10 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 9 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 8 Design Layout DP13 Design Layout DP12 Design Layout DP11 Design Layout DP10 Full Pattern Layout FP34 Full Pattern Layout FP35 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 7 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 6 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 5 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 4 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 3 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 2 Full Pattern No Betting Lines 1 Full Pattern Layout FP36 Full Pattern Layout FP37 Design Layout DP5 Full Pattern Layout FP38 Full Pattern Layout FP39 Full Pattern Layout FP41 Full Pattern Layout FP33 Full Pattern Layout FP10 Full Pattern Layout FP9 Full Pattern Layout FP8 Full Pattern Layout FP7 Full Pattern Layout FP6 Full Pattern Layout FP4 Full Pattern Layout FP3 Full Pattern Layout FP2 Full Pattern Layout FP1
Tops, Covers and Chairs

    Dining Chair

    Premium Lounge Chair

    Helmsley Chair Combo

    Poker Table Soft Cover $19.99

    Poker Table Soft Cover
Exotic Vinyl
    [Germany] Skai Sherry - F5075017 [Germany] Skai Sand - F5075016 [Germany] Skai Salmon - F5075023 [Germany] Skai Nature - F5075018 [Germany] Skai Choco - F5075021 [Germany] Skai Camel - F5075019 [Germany] Skai Buffalo - F5075020 [Germany] Skai Antharacite - F5075022 [Germany] Skai RUSTIC RED - F6361178 [Germany] Skai POLAR - F6361164 [Germany] Skai OCHRE - F6360441 [Germany] Skai MOCHA - F6360442 [Germany] Skai FOX - F6360440 [Germany] Skai POLAR - F6361164 [Germany] Skai PURPLE - F5071165 [Germany] Skai OCHRE - F5070904 [Germany] Skai MEDOC - F5071164 [Germany] Skai GOLD - F5071095 [Germany] Skai FIRE - F5070978 [Germany] Skai DUNE - F5071035 [Germany] Skai CHOCO - F5070906 [Germany] Skai BURNT SIENNA - F5071096 [Germany] Skai BLACK - F5070905 [Germany] Skai ANTHRACITE - F5071097 [Germany] Skai SADDLE - F6321228 [Germany] Skai OCHRE - F6321226 [Germany] Skai MOCHA - F6321227 [Germany] Skai FOX - F6321224 [Germany] Skai CAMEL - F6321225 [Germany] Skai BLACK - F6321223 [Germany] Skai VANILLA - 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Your Custom Poker Table


Video: X2 Mini Poker Table


  • - Poker Dimensions: 71.5 in x 44.5 in x 30 in - Dining Dimensions: 74.5 in x 47.5 in x 33 in
  • - Fits up to 8-9 players comfortably
  • - Table Includes Matching Dining Top!
  • - Piano Black Gloss Finish
  • - Stainless Steel 4 in Cup Holders
  • - X-Leg Pedestals
  • - Weight: 180 lbs
  • Fully Customized Graphic or Template Design Playing Surface Available
  • Two Beautiful Styles of Durable Chairs Available

Video: X2 Mini Poker Table


Game nights and quality family time has never been more fun. Premium materials and a plush finish, the X2 Mini game table is the ultimate gaming table for hours of gaming action. The versatile and spacious playing surface is perfect for card games, board games and any other activities that call for a luxurious playing surface. The X2 Mini can be finished in a standard velveteen playing surface or a graphic gaming layout that features a subtle chess layout for maximum versatility. Customers can also go full custom and have our professional designers compose a completely custom graphic for a breathtaking finished product.

The X2 Mini INCLUDES a matching dining top to turn the entire table into a luxurious dining table! Matching chairs are also available to complete the dining set. The X2 Mini has proven to be the centerpiece of unforgettable game nights across the world!


Customize your poker table with a professional dye sublimation playing surface from BBO's Graphic Lab! Graphics Lab is our professional printing service that allows you to turn your poker table into a masterpiece!

All custom layouts are printed on site at the BBO Poker Tables warehouse in California with top of the line dye sublimation printing equipment, then hand-upholstered to fit on your poker table. We print on our proprietary Dynamic Gaming Suede or Suited Speed Cloth for a professional, casino grade finish. All fabrics are water resistent and printed in vivid color.

Browse all layout templates >


We try to make ordering as easy as possible by accepting a wide of payment options that best fits your needs. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We also accept Paypal payments directly through our shopping cart! If you have any problems with checking out, please contact us at (877) 841 9301.

0% Financing Available through Paypal

We have also partnered with Paypal to offer 0% Financing through their Bill Me Later program. To use BIll Me Later, simply checkout with the Paypal payment option, and choose Bill Me Later. You will need to fill out a two question application and accept the terms. 0% Financing is process securely and exclusively by Paypal, and gives you the flexibility to pay over time.

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Configuring your custom BBO poker table is no harder than building your own burger.
Choose the ingredients below and send it off to the kitchen!
1. Choose Your Table
X2 Mini Game Table
Start with a model to build your dream table!
Poker Tables:
A premium dining/gaming table that's just the right size
Racetrack Color / Type:
2. Playing Surface
You're going to be staring at your playing surface everytime you play so you may as well make it look sweet! Choose from standard velveteen, water proof suited speed cloth, template graphics or a full out 100% custom graphic, designed just for you!
Velveteen FabricFree
  • X
  • Blue Velveteen Finish - Free
  • Red Velveteen Finish - Free
  • Green Velveteen Finish - Free
  • Black Velveteen Finish - Free
Suited Speed Cloth$69.00
  • Blue/Blue Suited Speed Cloth +$69
  • Red/Red Suited Speed Cloth +$69
  • Black/Black Suited Speed Cloth +$69
  • Green Suited Speed Cloth +$69
  • Two tone green suited speed upgrade +$69
  • Raspberry Suited Speed Cloth +$69
  • Coffee Suited Speed Cloth +$69
  • Silver Suited Speed Cloth +$69
  • Blueberry Suited Speed Cloth +$69
Full Custom$320.00

If you want a completely custom playing surface, choose our FULL CUSTOM option. We will assign a graphic designer to come up with a beautiful one of a kind cusotm layout for your poker table. You will get unlimited revisions on one design idea and we will work with you until it's perfect. You will sign off on the final project before it's sent to print. Read more

Add Text:

Templates: Use the categories below to select your favorite design!$169.00
  • All Layouts
  • Textured Patterns w/ Bet Line
  • Designed Prints
  • Full Textured Patterns
  • Game Table Prints

    Add Text: (Note: We do not provide proofs for template graphics)

    Text position is determined by template. We will place text in the most appropriate position based on your template.

    • Default
    • Script
    • Clean
    • Sans Serif
    • Serif
    • Grunge
    • Varsity
    • ceb181
    • ffffff
    • 000000
    • ec1c24
    • 009345
    • 1b47bb
    • 6d6e70
    3. Tops, Covers and Chairs
    Add a dining top to turn your BBO poker or game table into a dining table, and throw in some chairs to complete the set! Chairs are automatically discounted and ship for free if you order with your table!
    Poker Table Soft Cover$19.99
    • X

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