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  • Choose from any of our Graphics Lab stock templates
  • Tell us your table size, we will size for Free!
  • Printed on Dynamic Gaming Suede
  • Basic Color Modification + Text Free
  • Add Your Print Ready Logo, Free


Our Custom Graphic Lab stock template graphic is the easiest and cheapest way to turn your poker table into a gorgeous work of art. Choose from our library of over 50+ stock template graphics to find one that you like and check out!

All stock template designs are printed on your choice of fabric. You can choose from our proprietary Dynamic Gaming Suede, which is a medium-heavy weight casino grade fabric with very short nap for durable but plush casino like action or our Polyester Suited Speed Cloth, which is a waterproof, no nap poly weave with embossed card suits designed into the fabric! Just choose your desired fabric upon checkout.

We offer free sizing and basic adjustment services to ensure that your stock graphic fits perfectly onto your table and into your living space.

What sizing and basic adjustment services means:

  • - We will size your graphic for you based on the visible playing surface area. We will add a 1 in bleed area around the visible playing surface so you will have excess area when mounting your surface.
  • - We will size any centerpieces or graphic assets to fit your particular table shape and size.
  • - We are happy to adjust the colors of any stock graphic template to a general color of your choice. General colors mean the universally accepted general color. Red will be a red color, blue will be a blue color, Ferrari red will be considered as standard red, electric blue will be considered as standard blue. Exact color matching will require a color sample and be considered a full custom graphic design ($320).

We will be glad to add a logo or basic text onto your stock graphic layout IF you have the following:

  • A. Logo must be in Vector Format (AI, EPS)
  • B. You must provide the font you wish to use for your text.

If the logo and text is not ready for print, we will have to recreate the asset, which will turn the stock project into a full custom design ($320).

How to order your Custom Graphics Lab stock graphic layout?

  1. 1. Click on “Choose a layout” drop down in the buy section above, choose your favorite layout
  2. 2. Enter the visible area of your playing surface, remember we will add a 1in bleed around the visible area so you will have 2in of play when you are mounting in each direction
  3. 3. Choose your desired fabric, Dynamic Gaming Suede or Suited Speed Cloth

  4. 4. Enter your visible playing surface size, excluding armrest
  5. 5. Click “Buy Now” and proceed to checkout
  6. 6. Upon checkout, if you have any logo files to send us, please email it directly to along with your confirmation number. We will confirm receipt of the logo for you and contact you with any additional questions we may have

It's just that simple! It's our job to make your table look stunning, and make it an enjoyable process along the way.


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Over the course of the last few years, we've noticed a strange trend in the poker table market. Competitors have come out with tables and product text copy that look and sound awfully like BBO Poker Table's content. If you've been doing your research (as you should be) and are confused at the selection available out there, here's a little clarification on why BBO continues to pioneer the market while others continue to try and confuse.

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BBO Poker Tables are all hand finished in the USA: We upholster all outgoing tables with premium fabrics to customer's order specs to ensure that their table is uniquely theirs. You wonder why some companies throw in 3 or 4 backup boards in with their tables? Because the surface boards are cheap and disposable. Anyway, where are you going to put all those backup boards?

Customer Tested: have extensive positive feedback from our customers. This is not something that can be made up and it's not something that can be achieved overnight. We are extremely proud of this fact, and strive to live up to this reputation. We're well aware that customers can easily see through fly by night companies and websites with things to hide, which is why BBO Poker Tables will always be, "Poker for the People".

So please, we encourage you to do your research. It's your hard earned/won money, and you deserve the best value for your purchase. Just don't be fooled by imitators and confusing marketing schemes. All BBO Poker Tables authorized dealers are listed on our dealers page and are all reputable stores in which we are proud to feature our products. Shuffle up friends!